Why Use A Fogging Machine?

Fogging as a process allows you to sanitise entire rooms and previously difficult to reach or hard to clean areas, quickly and efficiently. It does not replace your normal cleaning routines, but it does compliment them perfectly.

Disinfectant fogging is the optimal way to easily sanitise an area with multiple objects that may have harmful bacteria and germs on them.

Fogging is particularly useful when the alternative is cleaning every surface and object individually, potentially multiple times a day taking excess amounts of time and not being able to properly disinfect every object.

The process of fogging allows you to disinfect everything that the fog comes into contact with in a matter of seconds. This enables you to sanitise large/multiple rooms in a matter of minutes, killing germs and saving time and money.

Fogging works best in conjunction with your daily cleaning routine. Cleaning is still necessary whilst fogging provides a fast and efficient method of disinfection to assist your efforts.

Fogging can be used in any home, work or business environment.

We have a range of equipment options to assist you with the fogging process, including wired and wireless machines as well as static machines, fogging fluid and more.