A summary of why you should choose Salinise

A summary of why you should choose Salinise.

We’re a family business with a solid reputation for integrity and high levels of customer service.

Our founder, Phil Spiby formed Healthcare Matters in 2005 and shortly afterwards Homecare Matters, both being family business providing healthcare solutions, quality products and outstanding services to the healthcare and home care industries.

Phil and the family team very quickly established a reputation for integrity and honesty as well as being known for always delivering on their promises.

During the 2020 pandemic Phil and the other company directors were growing increasingly concerned about the risks facing employees continuing to work and they started to investigate sanitisation techniques. With over a decade as sanitisation experts in the healthcare industry, forming the new sister company, Salinise, was the natural progression.

Salinise very quickly became recognised as a trusted provider of sanitisation equipment of various kinds including the incredibly popular Dry Fogging Machines.